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Think of us as your marketing partner
We provide local and nationwide advertising in business trades and major newspapers targeting entrepreneurs seeking home based business opportunities. We then screen these applicants against criteria such as business type sought, start up budget, location, etc. It is through this process that we are able to put viable downlines in touch with well-suited home based businesses.
Let us get your downlines working for you

As you are well aware, there are two paths towards profitability with a home based business: Selling products and recruiting downlines. To truly profit, you must do both.

Generally, selling products is straightforward. After all, from day one, as a home business entrepreneur, your most valuable asset is the comfort and security imparted by your parent company's name and reputation. Chances are, your product is already proven in the marketplace. You are undoubtedly backed by solid research and development, consumer testimonials, and all the marketing materials you need to effectively sell your product.

But what about getting your downlines working for you? Successfully done, this is where you will really start to see the returns on your investment. Once you have strong downlines in place, you can sit back and watch the profits roll in. THIS is the reason you started your home business! Yet, why is it so time-consuming and so difficult to find others like you for your own downlines?


This is where Home Business Choice can make a difference in your bottom line. Our approach to "Effective Promotion" is unsurpassed by anything you can do on your own.

  • First, through mass marketing we REACH thousands of prospects weekly

  • We then screen these prospects to filter out the Sunday shoppers and unrealistic dreamers. Then, through an exact questioning process, we match each prospect to the business for which they are best suited

  • Finally, we put these "viable downlines" in touch with you

By allowing you to stop wasting your time screening prospects and by getting your downlines working for you, a partnership with HBC will help you SAVE TIME and INCREASE INCOME.

Our Business Philosophy
Our goal is to provide you with an invaluable service. Our aim is your satisfaction. A satisfied customer is a repeat customer. This may sound too obvious, but is our policy because it is good business!

Our approach to Effective Promotion
We reach the masses
Sure, you can place your own ads, but our marketing approach allows us to reach MILLIONS. Our vast approach to nationwide advertising targets potential buyers through diverse publications with a collective circulation of upwards of 4 million per month. Multiply that by 12 weeks, and IMAGINE the potential!

Our Screening Process - the secret to YOUR Success:
Have you ever placed an ad or distributed flyers to try to build up your downlines? If you have, then you know the big drawback of this approach is NOT lack of responses to your marketing, but rather, lack of QUALIFIED responses. Sure, the world is full of "dreamers" - who doesn't want to "make big money by working from home"?! But where are the serious prospects-the ones with the time, money and drive to really make it work? You KNOW they ARE out there, but what about the price you must pay in time and patience weeding through all the deadend "money for nothing" respondents?
  That's where HBC's approach to Effective Promotion really pays off for you. We don't just place the ads - we take it one step further by subjecting all respondents to a rigorous screening process. This allows us to not only weed out the unrealistic dreamers, but, more importantly, through a specific series of precise questions, it allows us to find viable prospects suited to YOUR business. Think of this as our end of the partnership -- We know that your valuable time can be better spent on other aspects of your business.

We drive the VIABLE Prospects to you
Any entrepreneurial prospects that our screeners match to your business will receive your contact information, along with a flyer completely detailing your opportunity. This flyer will contain all the information vital in the promotion of your business. The best part: we can provide you with an effective flyer at no extra cost. Furthermore, if the flyer we produce for you is not satisfactory, we will a prompt adjustment at no extra cost.
Where We Advertise
Home Business Choice places weekly ads in business trade publications, as well as in local and regional newspapers under the "Business Opportunity" section. We have generated a great deal of success by targetting these smaller publications, as we have found that an ad can tend to get lost in the major city papers.

Here are some of the publications we target:

  Cost Vs Savings:
Can you afford to pass this up??

The Cost
Actually, that's one of the best parts! For a one-time fee of $290, HBC will enroll your business in our Effective Promotion program for a period of 12 weeks. That's 12 weeks of guaranteed advertising and screening for your business - with no other financial obligations. This fee also includes the production of your flyer and all the mailouts to potential prospects.

Better yet -- The SAVINGS
Look at the cost of this arrangement, and compare it to how much it would cost you (in time and money) to undertake this level of marketing on your own. Factor in the advertising, the mailings, the phone bill and the countless hours of screening calls… Can you afford to pass this up??

HBC will save you time, money and frustration. While we will drive the downlines to you, you can concentrate on other things.

Contact us and let's get the ball rolling!
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